We offer various combinations of our most popular moisture meters to fit your individual needs and budget.


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Aquant & HygroMaster2 Dual Kit

Dual Kit BLD7714-AQ

  • Dual Kit - Hygromaster 2 and Aquant Kit in thermoformed case
Digital Mini Dual Kit

Dual Kit BLD7714-SM

  • Dual Kit - Hygromaster 2 and Surveymaster Kit in thermoformed case
Dual Kit

Dual Kit BLD7714-DM

  • Includes Hygromaster 2 and Digital Mini Kit in thermoformed case
Restoration Kit

Restoration Kit BLD8800-C-R

  • Includes MMS2 and Hammer Electrode in hard carry case
Technician's Kit

Technician’s Kit BLD5905

  • Includes Hygromaster 2 and Surveymaster in hard carry case
Flood Kit

Flood Kit BLD5975

  • Includes Hygromaster L, Surveymaster, Baseboard and Wall probes in a hard carry case
Restoration Kit

MMS2 Flooring Kit BLD8800-FL

  • Includes MMS2 in hard carry case
Technician's Kit

Hygromaster L Flooring Kit BLD7750-FL

  • Includes Hygromaster L in hard carry case